What an End to the NBA Regular Season

The last day of the NBA Regular Season is usually uneventful, outside of possibly one or two teams fighting for seeding or a playoff spot.  However, this year two stories were unfolding that caught the nation’s interest, as the Golden State Warriors were aiming for a NBA record 73 wins, while Kobe Bryant was playing his final NBA game at home in Los Angeles.

The Warriors grabbing the NBA Single Season Wins record was expected as the night began, but what was not as well known was how close Stephen Curry was to getting 400 3-pointers for the season.  Already, he had been the first player to eclipse 300 earlier in the season, but was 7 short of 400, and he came out of the gate with the goal of getting there.  Curry ended up with 10 3-pointers, ending up with 403 for the season.

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